Farrier service and pricing.



I offer competitive pricing, dependability and decades of experience. 

Shared milage / trip fee when doing multiple horses in the same area. 

Trimming concepts


Nothing replaces trimming each horse to their individual needs.

Marketing concepts, names and gimmicks do not replace the applied art and dedicated husbandry and skill involved in promoting healthy hooves and barefoot performance. Having studied all Trimming concepts, hoof health, balance and comfort is the first concern.

Fitting steel.


Fairly certain nothing will replace steel horseshoes anytime soon.

Giving the horse the protection, balance, support, traction and modifications they need is a near forgotten art.

This is my passion. I will hot shoe every chance I get, I believe this insures the best job I can offer.

Therapeutic shoeing.


On occasion some horses need a little help.

Working with you, your Veterinarian, Trainer and all good sound advice is a promise as your Farrier.



Achieving that place in life, I am not over booked. 

You and your horse are very important to me. 

Dedicated to doing the very best on your hoof care needs.



You have no idea how rewarding being a Farrier is! Part of that is being a good match to the horses and people I work with. Same for you, you must have questions for me?