High quality user grade Hunting, Trail and Field knives


Now why would anyone call their knives 'Gut-pile Friendly' when the term 'field Friendly' or 'trail worthy' would work? A hint? Work is the key word here. Nothing less will do, period.

Testing, is what it's all about.


Knowing what you can get out of a tool is almost as important as knowing what you can't get out of a tool. Knowing that breaking point, knowing that stresses level. There never was really a question about a knife being our most important tool in the  

Backcountry,  getting more performance out of our knives is my passion.

Steels used


Highest quality Forved steels like Premium John Deere Rock-shafts, AMS-S-7420 Aerospace 52100, Tight grained A-2 steels are hard to beat.

Style trends


Trending towards an integral guard, solid, forged in one piece, full tang work horse. To me, everything is coming together with what I believe a better more robust product. Face it, I was never going to catch my tail chasing it building second place show knives. My heart has always been in the field anyways! Promising pure workhorse edged trail, field, hunting knives and edged weapons.



Why? Cause we can't eat them whole.

40 years of big game hunting.

40 years striking hot steel.

15 years as a big game guide.

20 years making knives as a hobby.

A lifetime of personal challenges.

From Nessmuk and Ben lilly


The farther you get into the wilderness, the more important your knife becomes.

Nessmuk and Ben Lilly shared a sincere passion about carrying the very minimum amount of equipment. Both placed the upmost importance on their knives and design. Both have taught me something I believe paramount. Nessmuk leaves us an unchallenged classic design. Ben Lilly placed a life of death importance on the knives construction steel quality and heat treat. This comes together in me as my deepest concern. 


Edge reretention test, passed.