Blacksmith (ppn) A few aches and pains, 5 acre smile!

Costum work accepted


Be it traditional, contemporary or an idea seen in a dream, we'll give if our best to make it your best.

Traditional Hardware


Not trying to be the cheapest, trying to be the best. 

A lot of pride goes into every detail.

Not just about supper clanggers and 'S' hooks.


Honestly I am not sure what is the most rewarding part about Blacksmithing. The a ability to use applied imagination to useful art is higher on the list. 

Pictured: High carbon tool steel spring fuller.

An honesty days work for an honest days wage.


Bartering is the original currency, along with the quality, you're going to like our shop rate. Decades have gone  into being frugal, a lifetime into quality.

Reclaimed and new tools steels


Back in the day, reclaimed steels and time honored skill were the rule of the roost, I was raised spark-testing 'salvage, save or scrap' steels. Today we can order just about any steel you can imagine, and have the technical data for that steel quicker faster then it takes to order it. 

I sort of miss the old days, I'll never totally give up working with reclaimed steels. Here is a pritchel forged from a section of a Ram truck suspension. Square hole punched in a cold horseshoe.

Carrying on a Family Tradition.


My Grandfather Louis P. Salonek ran his smithy on the west bank of the Crow River in central Minnesota.

His motto for me as a small boy was  "Can't say can't" , that might have made being a boy harder, it sure made being a man easier. Giving me that motto was a very important gift.